New DiBO NEW 2000 D4 self-service car wash in Petergof (Russia)

New DiBO NEW 2000 D4 self-service car wash in Petergof (Russia)

A new DiBO self-service car wash recently opened for business in Petergof, a town in the north western corner of Russia. This is a NEW 2000 self-service car wash with blue tinted glass partitions and D4 operation in the building’s support pillars. The building and the technical installation were supplied by DiBO and installed by our Russian dealer Clean 24.

The car wash has six covered washing boxes, with a technical room in the centre. The washing boxes are additionally high on purpose so that vans, camper vans and other high vehicles can be easily washed.

The DiBO high foaming system is among the washing programs available. A very light and correctly adhering foam is applied to the vehicle through a foam brush. The installation is also equipped with the customary DiBO self-service car wash functionality such as pre-wash, degreaser, foaming brush, hot wax and high gloss rinsing.

At this car wash customers can pay with coins, tokens and pre-paid wash cards.

Dibo New 2000 D4 Petergof Rusland Technical Room
The technical space houses all machines, appliances and supply tanks
Dibo New 2000 D4 Petergof Rusland Tank Cleaning
Even military vehicles can be efficiently washed in a DiBO self-service car wash


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