DiBO launches ultra-compact hydraulically driven WeedKiLLER-HYDRA

DiBO launches ultra-compact hydraulically driven WeedKiLLER-HYDRA

DiBO Cleaning Systems has developed a brand-new WeedKiLLER that is fully hydraulically driven by oil pressure. Despite its compact appearance this machine is a real bruiser!

The WeedKiLLER-HYDRA, that fights weeds and moss in an environmentally friendly way with hot water, can also be used as a high pressure cleaner just like its mobile brother on a trailer - the WeedKiLLER-M. The machine is fitted with the GreenBoiler developed by DiBO, a technological tour de force that combines very low CO2 emissions with enormous efficiency.

DiBO’s strong focus on innovation and quality is also evident from the WeedKiLLER-HYDRA. This hydraulically driven machine can control its own power output, so it works fully autonomously without an electrical connection being needed. Ideal for places with no power supply. 

The WeedKiLLER-HYDRA was deliberately kept very compact and must be connected to an external water tank. This has the advantage that the customer is free to connect the machine to an already present water tank or a tank going with the vehicle that makes the possibilities endless. 

 Attention was also devoted to ease of use. The machine is simply and clearly operated, with a handy display for uses including setting and reading the temperature and displaying any malfunctions. All operating controls and connections are also on the same side.

The WeedKiLLER-HYDRA is available in four versions, being supplied as standard with a 25 m high pressure hose with gun, a high pressure lance and a WeedKiLLER lance with (removable) wheels. 

We are convinced that the WeedKiLLER-HYDRA is the ideal addition to the existing family of WeedKiLLERs from DiBO.

A summary of the technical details of the WeedKiLLER-HYDRA:

  • High pressure pump:   
    • 180 Bar/21 l  -1450 rpm – 110 kW – Oil 36 l/min
    • 110 Bar/21 l  -1450 rpm – 110 kW – Oil 23 l/min
    • 180 Bar/18 l  -1200 rpm – 70 kW – Oil 30 l/min
    • 110 Bar/18 l  -1200 rpm – 70 kW – Oil 18 l/min
  • WeedKiLLER function: 
    • 16 l/min – 110 kW and 10 l/min – 70 kW
  • Alternator/battery 12 V: 75 Amp/h
  • GreenBoiler: 70 kW/110 kW
  • Fuel tank: 27 l
  • Anti-scale pump + 2 l tank
  • Hydraulic motor 22 cm³ and 14 cm³ - max. 200 bar 

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