New DiBO tram washer in Serbia

New DiBO tram washer in Serbia

Last week the DiBO Project(s) team supplied a brand-new tram washing installation in Belgrade (Serbia). They installed the tram washer in the washing hall of an existing drive-through installation, which was transformed into a washing hall for wash gantries.

After driving in, the tram driver gets out, chooses the wash program and the tram is washed automatically. Very easy to use! There is a specific wash program for every type of tram.

Michael van Dijk, director DiBO Project(s): “This installation has a unique tilting system: at the front and the back of the vehicle, the side brushes are pivoted front- or backwards to wash this section efficiently in this tilted position. The gradient of the brush varies by type of tram and is programmed in advance. There is also a vertical height adjustment to wash on and next to the couplings.”

“Over the last days our team trained the staff of GSP Beograd (ГСП Београд), which finished the installation. Our colleagues can always assist the local technicians through remote servicing.”

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