Mobile weed control with the WeedKiLLER-L

Mobile weed control with the WeedKiLLER-L

Last weekend two more WeedKiLLER-L’s left to DiBO dealer Tuchscherer Maschinenvertrieb & Service in Germany. The great asset of this L-version is that you can easily install the unit in or on your own vehicle. Tuchscherer assembles this WeedKiLLER on an implement carrier, so that the customer can kill weed and moss while riding.

The WeedKiLLER is not only the ideal weed killing machine, it is also suitable for various other cleaning jobs, such as cleaning facades and removing graffiti. Tuchscherer mounts the WeedKiLLER-L with an hydraulic arm, allowing the operating speed to be even higher.

The skid version of the WeedKiLLER has a 6 cylinder boxer pump with an independent two-person operation control, so you can use the weed killer with hot water technology and the hot water high-pressure cleaner at up to 200 bar at the same time. The appliance is an example of environmentally friendliness and in line with new European regulations because no pesticides are used. Use of the double DiBO GreenBoiler of 2 x 110 kW and intercooling on the diesel engine, with a total heat output of 230 kW, also makes it an ecological and low-energy machine.

The WeedKiLLER is very popular in Germany. In spring Tuchscherer Maschinenvertrieb & Service has already ordered ten trailer versions of this machine.

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