DiBO launches high pressure cleaner with Dual Power Heating System

DiBO launches high pressure cleaner with Dual Power Heating System

DiBO Cleaning Systems, manufacturer of professional cleaning machines and systems, presents a brand new hot water high pressure cleaner at the ISSA/Interclean fair in Amsterdam. The IBH-S uses the unique Dual Power Heating System and guarantees quality, green technology and user comfort.

It’s a tradition that DiBO Cleaning Systems comes with a scoop at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN, one of the most important trade fairs for cleaning professionals in the world. This year it’s the official launch of the IBH-S. This newest generation of hot water high pressure cleaners outshines with its Dual Power Heating System. Thanks to the unique combination of an isolated preheating system and the GreenBoiler, there’s always a buffer of hot water immediately available and the machine consumes less fuel. The renewed GreenBoiler also ensures lower CO2 emissions.

DiBO represents quality. The IBH-S has a radial high pressure pump with 3 full ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves, and an electric motor with low speed who guarantee an extended lifetime. The machine is built with high-quality components: stainless steel, rotation casted polyethylene, a double-walled housing, a robust steel frame with coating, ...


With the launch of the IBH-S DiBO continues along the same green lines. Besides the previously mentioned environmental benefits of the Dual Power Heating System, there is an automatic start-stop system that puts the machine in standby modus when idle for 30 seconds. When there’s a longer inactivity the engine is automatically switched off and an undesirable activation is avoided.

The dual electronic temperature control guarantees a very stable output temperature, which results in an optimal cleaning effect and an additional fuel saving. The run dry control, leakage control and numerous internal controls monitor the proper functioning and protect the machine from damage. There is also the possibility to add chemicals.

The IBH-S can be deployed for a wide variety of intensive cleaning tasks, for example in the automotive industry, transport and agriculture. This hot water high pressure cleaner is very comfortable and easy to operate with a large and clear control panel. The indicator lamp on the front panel provides continuous information about the status of the machine. A hose reel with high pressure hose of 20 meters and flame monitoring are as option available.

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