DiBO assisting with the construction of an offshore high pressure unit

DiBO assisting with the construction of an offshore high pressure unit

LMT Waterjetting Solutions has developed an offshore high pressure unit in close cooperation with DiBO Cleaning Systems. In the meantime it has been brought into use to the great satisfaction of Reym, one of the largest professional industrial cleaners in the Netherlands.

Jurgen van den Berg, managing director of LMT, saw the development of a high pressure unit especially for the offshore industry as an interesting challenge.  “Considering Reym only uses the unit to clean drilling platforms at sea, we have exclusively used very high quality components that are sea-resistant such as a KAMAT K8020M-3G with a special super duplex pump. Most parts are fully made of stainless steel, the diesel tank being an example.”


For the boiler LMT opted for a DiBO product – the stainless steel GreenBoiler as specially developed for the offshore industry. Van den Berg: “As a DiBO dealer we know the company and its products through and through, so we knew that the stainless steel GreenBoiler would be the perfect solution. DiBO also introduced us to this project, so choosing to join up with them to work on the assignment was logical. Besides the quality of the appliance, the compact form of the GreenBoiler was also a decisive factor considering in this case we were also facing space and weight limitations.”

The two high performance boilers of the stainless steel GreenBoiler are made of stainless steel type 316 because one usually works with salt water in the offshore sector. The spiral pipe is even made of type 316Ti, with titanium added to the alloy. This all guarantees a longer working life.

Van den Berg: “We had already fitted such a GreenBoiler, but not built it into a unit ourselves. LMT and DiBO cooperated in bringing this project to a successful conclusion to everyone's satisfaction. Reym has been using the container since June, from whom we have also received nothing but praise.”


The 55 kW diesel-driven high pressure unit can handle 38 l/m at 500 bar at a temperature of 90°C. It was supplied by Reym in a 6ft DNV container that had been specially hot-dip galvanized and coated. This made it highly suitable for use in these severe conditions. This user-friendly unit is built fully in line with the SIR conditions and suffices with regard to the most stringent requirements.

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