The DiBO JMB-S built-in unit is an ultra-compact mobile hot water high pressure cleaner which is all-around employable. This built-in high pressure unit is equipped with the latest and greenest technologies. With its own power source and independent operation, also for use in places where no electricity supply is available. This built-in unit can easily be integrated in a truck, van or trailer. (Note that there needs to be a built-in 200 l water tank). Keeping in mind the environment, we also installed an auto-stop system as to make the engine stop when there is no cleaning activity for 30 minutes.

Quality and power harmoniously united in this high pressure unit:

  • Industrial diesel motor selected per machine type depending on the radial high pressure pump.
  • 70 kW DiBO GreenBoiler offering 18% fuel savings.
  • Intercooling system with heat recovery from the motor used to pre-heat the water through a heat-exchanger. The result is additional fuel savings of 15%.

***New and progressive are the Track & Trace system (\) and the operating panel with digital display and joystick.

Besides the standard version, this JMB-S built-in high pressure unit is also available as a full option “+” version. The JMB-S built-in unit version includes:

  • New, advanced track & trace system
  • Electronic level indication for fuel and water tank
  • Electronic gas regulation with automatic speed control
  • Real-Time Monitoring System (RTMS) with which the owner can see the exact status of the machine on a smartphone, computer or tablet.

(*) only with “+” version

  • Specifications
  • Types


    Code Description bar l/h ° C kW kW l mm kg -
    1.128.350 JMB-S 200/18 I 200 1080 30 - 120 12,5 (diesel) 70 50 1575x920x865 450 055
    1.128.351 JMB-S+ 200/18 I 200 1080 30 - 120 12,5 (diesel) 70 50 1575x920x865 450 055
    1.128.500 JMB-S 250/15 I 250 900 30 - 120 12,5 (diesel) 70 50 1575x920x865 450 040
    1.128.501 JMB-S+ 250/15 I 250 900 30 - 120 12,5 (diesel) 70 50 1575x920x865 450 040
  • Accessories

    Standard equipment

    • High pressure gun with swivel >>> large manoeuvrabilty of the wash gun


    • Single stainless steel lance with high pressure nozzle and rotating quick coupling


    • Built-in hose reel (JMB-S) with high-pressure hose (3/8", 40 m) >>> wide operation range

    Optional equipment

    • Supplement for steam function 140° C (30 bar) - valve, hp hose with thermal protection, pistol, lance and steam nozzle included (Not for the JMB-M 500/30)


    • Supplement for anti-scaling system by dosing pump on flow (level detection). It’s recommended to always order the anti-scaling option together with the steamfunction for the protection of the coil.


    Optional accessories

    • Steam lance (Not for the JMB-M 500/30. Please always indicate when ordering the working pressure of the JMB-M)