Vacuum cleaners (wet/dry)

DiBO has a wide range of vacuum cleaners, water cleaners, wet vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, compact, sweepers... These are available as 1-, 2- or 3-motor versions or with an industrial turbine.

You can come to DiBO for any type of floor cleaning: for professional use, but also for industrial cleaning in sectors such as construction. We have a wide range of accessories to optimally clean up dust and/or water.

Contact our specialists for more product information and purchase advice free of any obligation.

This is why a DiBO (wet) vacuum cleaners is the best choice:

  • Water and/or dust cleaning
  • Advice: our experts guide you from A to Z
  • Powerful: unprecedented performance in all possible working conditions
  • Extremely solid: only durable material
  • User-friendly
  • Safe: carefree work with the greatest protection