The CT46 is an compact and highly manoeuvrable scrubber-drier, with a great productivity. Like the smaler versions, this CT46 is built out of materials of high quality and provided with the newest technology. The scrubber is ideal for small and medium spaces, even when there is much furniture, because not even those spaces which are the hardest to reach pose any problem for the DiBO CT46. Furthermore, mechanical cleaning is much more efficient; the productivity is 4 times higher than with manual cleaning.This scrubber drier is only available in a battery version

  • Specifications
  • Types


    Code Description mm mm m²/h - l l mm kg
    3.126.037 CT46-B50 500 730 2475 24 V (2x12 V) battery 40 50 855x580x1220 120
  • Accessories

    Standard equipment

    • Nylon brush

    • Squeegee withe fast blade change (V-shape) Blades can be used in all 4 directions

    • Front squeegee blade (Latex)

    • Rear squeegee blade (Latex)

    Optional accessories

    • Pad holder

    • Standard pad WHITE -19” (5 pieces)


    • Standard pad RED -19” (5 pieces)


    • Standard pad GREEN -19” (5 pieces)


    • Standard pad BLACK -19” (5 pieces)


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