The CT 80 is the smallest ride-on scrubber dryer in our range, but is still designed on a robust industrial platform. There are 2 different types, one for highly professional two-brush applications (CT80-BT55 ECO) and another for less intensive single brush uses (CT80-BT70). Though extremely compact (length only 130 cm), the CT 80 nevertheless carries an 83 litre solution tank that gives better than average autonomy for this class of machine. The CT 80 also features the exclusive EcoSelect function. This uses a single program to control the delivery of water and cleaning product according to the speed of the machine, as well as the speed of the brush and suction motors, reducing both energy consumption and noise.

  • Specifications
  • Types


    Code Description mm mm m²/h - l l mm kg
    3.126.083 CT80-BT70 700 942 4200 24 V (4x6 V) battery 79 83 1310x673x1030 145
  • Accessories

    Standard equipment

    • Contra-turning nylon brush

    • Squeegee withe fast blade change (V-shape)

    • Front squeegee blade (Latex)

    • Rear squeegee blade (Latex)

    Optional accessories

    • Pad holder

    • Standard pad WHITE -14” (5 pieces)


    • Standard pad RED -14” (5 pieces)


    • Standard pad GREEN -14” (5 pieces)


    • Standard pad BLACK -14” (5 pieces)


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