The DiBO CT230 is an extremely robust and utterly manoeuvrable scrubber-drier with great performance. Thanks to the well-thought-out design with optimal use of the height, this scrubber is ideal for long-lasting works. Therefore it is very suitable for the cleaning of big surfaces. Thanks to its ingenious “tank-in-tank” system – which allows a big battery compartment despite a water tank of 205l and a recovery tank of 225l – this is the most suitable ride-on scrubber for a variety of cleaning purposes. Consider the cleaning of school floors, department store floors, gym floors, factory floors, ... The SWEEPER CT230 is also available in a version equipped with cylindrical brushes combined with a PRE-SWEEP system. Thanks to this pre-sweeping system, this model has a full sweep function next to the scrub function for inside and/or outside use. Both models are supplied without batteries (6x 6V DC) and battery charger.

  • Specifications
  • Types


    Code Description mm mm m²/h - l l mm kg
    3.126.180 CT230-BT105 1050 1280 6825 36 V (6x6 V) battery 205 225 1950x1155x1466 378
    3.126.183 CT230-BT100R Sweep 1000 1280 7500 36 V (6x6 V) battery 205 225 1950x1170x1466 382
  • Accessories

    Standard equipment

    • Contra-turning nylon brush

    • Squeegee withe fast blade change (V-shape) Blades can be used in all 4 directions

    • Front squeegee blade (Latex)

    • Rear squeegee blade (Latex)

    • Cilindrical nylon brush PPL - standard (2 pieces) >>> CT230-BT100R Sweep


    Optional accessories

    • Pad holder

    • Standard pad WHITE - 21” (5 pieces)


    • Standard pad RED - 21” (5 pieces)


    • Standard pad GREEN - 21” (5 pieces)


    • Standard pad BLACK - 21” (5 pieces)


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