The CT160 contains all the newest technologies in one compact and very manoeuvrable machine, resulting in a professional “ride-on” scrubbing/suction machine (sitting model), designed in order to perform the most divergent cleaning jobs. A robust, solid machine, created with a modern design. The CT160 owes its incredible manoeuvrability to its exceptional radius of rotation. This scrubbing/suction machine offers you a tremendous efficiency, as well as a large PRODUCTIVITY. The big tank capacity and the high capacitive qualities of the battery make that this equipment is perfectly destined for extreme cleaning activities within large to very large spaces. The mechanical drive (no V-belts) also guarantees that this scrubbing machine has a long and maintenance-friendly lifespan. The machine is also available in a version equipped with cylindrical brushes and a PRE-SWEEP system. Thanks to this pre-sweeping system, the CT160-BT75R S has a full sweep function next to the scrub function for inside and/or outside use. Both models are supplied without batteries (6x 6V DC) and battery charger.

  • Specifications
  • Types


    Code Description mm mm m²/h - l l mm kg
    3.126.160 CT160-BT85 850 1010 5525 36V (6x6 V) battery 145 170 1720x1010x1360 290
    3.126.163 CT160-BT75R Sweep 750 1010 4875 36 V (6x6 V) battery 145 170 1810x1050x1360 300
  • Accessories

    Standard equipment

    • Nylon brush

    • Squeegee withe fast blade change (V-shape) Blades can be used in all 4 directions

    • Front squeegee blade (Latex)

    • Rear squeegee blade (Latex)

    • Cilindrical nylon brush PPL - standard (2 pieces) >>> CT160-BT75R Sweep


    Optional accessories

    • Pad holder

    • Standard pad WHITE -16” (5 pieces)


    • Standard pad RED -16” (5 pieces)


    • Standard pad GREEN -16” (5 pieces)


    • Standard pad BLACK -16” (5 pieces)


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