Floor scrubbers

In search of a professional machine for scrubbing your floor? DiBO is the ideal partner! Narrow shop aisles? Industrial premises? Hospital aisles where the floor must be clean enough to eat off? We have the right machine for all floor types and for all types of buildings. Both as a walk-behind- and a ride on-version.

Are you concerned about narrow passageways or small spaces? DiBO scrubbers and scrubber dryers tackle any corner with ease without compromising on robustness. You always work safely and with ease. And each machine comes with a mountain of advice. What surface are we talking about? What level of soiling? What is the frequency of use? Which products do you use? Ask our specialists, they will be pleased to assist you.

This is why a DiBO scrubber (dryer) is the best choice:

  • Push or seated model
  • Scrubber or scrubber dryer
  • Advice: our experts guide you from A to Z
  • Powerful: unprecedented performance in all working conditions
  • Extremely solid: durable material
  • User-friendly: simple and clear operation
  • Low-maintenance
  • Safe: carefree work with the greatest protection