Floor cleaners

DiBO has a wide range of professional and industrial floor cleaning machines to help our customers thoroughly clean and maintain their floors. All DiBO floor cleaners are suitable for cleaning applications of diverse natures and for various soft and hard floor types.

Make your choice from our wide range of floor cleaners:

Daily cleaning with water, with or without the addition of chemicals, is best done with a DiBO scrubber. Wet cleaned and dried in one go. This can be in small spaces such as shops, care homes, hospitals, crèches and offices. It is not even necessary to move the furniture. The DiBO scrubber dryers are also the perfect solution for large floor surfaces such as in supermarkets, sports halls, offices and showrooms.

With the DiBO sweepers you quickly and easily clean drives, parking spaces, passageways in stable complexes, industrial spaces and the like. Machine sweeping means less dust is thrown up, especially when the larger sweeper dryers are used.

DiBO also has a wide range of vacuum cleaners for familiar cleaning work such as vacuum cleaning carpets, floor coverings, furniture, etc. We also offer wet vacuum cleaners for professional and industrial applications with which you can clean up water as well as dust. The wet vacuum cleaner with water pump and the carpet cleaner make the range complete.