Cookie policy

We use ‘cookies’ to provide our services and for the convenience of you as a visitor to our website. Cookies are small text files that your web browser saves on your computer when you visit a website. These cookies are usually read again later when you re-visit the website for example. We are required by law to ask for your permission to use some of these cookies because this can comprise an infringement of your privacy, and you have control of your own privacy. In that case you must click for agreement. In this policy we explain which cookies we use and how. 

Cookies have a number of functions, including remembering your preferences, recording visitor behaviour (web analytics) and for example to show relevant advertisements on other websites. We use our own ‘first-party cookies’ and cookies from third parties or ‘third-party cookies’. Although we do not need permission to install cookies that are strictly required for the working of the website, a summary of all types of cookies with explanation is provided below.

Summary of cookies

For functional purposes

These cookies are strictly required for the technical functioning of the website and we do not require your permission for them, also not if they originate from third parties that we use.


Originating from DiBO 

Function: Temporary saving of information on your session (website visit). This cookie does not save any personal data and is to support the good technical operation of the website.

Duration of saving: This cookie is deleted when you leave the website.

QOS token

Originating from OpenStreetMap

Function: Temporary saving of information on your session (website visit). This cookie does not save any personal data and is to support the good technical operation of the API map.

Duration of saving: This cookie is deleted when you leave the website.

For analytical purposes

We use this type of cookie to analyse the use of our website so we can improve its functionality, quality and effectiveness. We only need your permission for this if we collect more data than is strictly required. We need this insight to be able to adapt and improve our website. We then use the information to allow you to find certain parts of the site more quickly, for example.

Google Analytics

Originates from Google

Function: With Google Analytics we see how you use and how you found us. We use this knowledge to improve our sites. 

Duration of saving: A maximum of 24 months


Originates from Hotjar

Function: The Hotjar (analytical) cookies identify you as a unique visitor and make sure you see the right content. This helps us to analyse how users use the website. We can follow you during a session with these cookies.  

Duration of saving: These cookies automatically delete themselves after 365 days.

For tracking purposes

We use these cookies to record how you use our website, and we try to assist you when choosing a product that best matches you based on your website behaviour. We can then offer products or services that may interest you, or display personal recommendations and advertisements. We may only install this type of cookie with your permission because these cookies are not strictly required for our website.


Originates from Google

Function: DiBO uses Google DoubleClick to register and report your activity as a website user after viewing or clicking on one of the advertisements. The purpose is to measure the effectiveness of our advertisements and to be able to present specific advertisements to you as a visitor.

Duration of saving: A maximum of 18 months

Google Remarketing

Originates from Google

Function: With this cookie we show you offers for products that may interest you. Without this cookie you will miss out on personal recommendations on our websites, in our newsletter and in emails with personal tips.

Duration of saving: A maximum of 24 months

LinkedIn share

Originating from LinkedIn

Function: We use social media buttons on our website to be able to share and promote pages on the site. The buttons from the different channels contain a code from the relative social media channels themselves, so third party cookies are sent here. These cookies remember if you are logged in. 

Duration of saving: A maximum of 24 months

Social media buttons

If you use a social media button to share our page or its content, a cookie is saved by the relative social media site. We have no control of the content of these cookies and would refer you to the explanation on the site. We do not always notice these cookies, and should you come up against them you can always let us know.

New developments

Remember that the information in this statement can change now and again, for example when we update our website or when the regulations concerning cookies change. We do all we can to always keep this information as accurate as possible, so we also advise you to regularly check this page. Then if there are changes you can always decide if you want to change your cookie settings.


Should you have any questions or remarks about these cookies or your privacy you can always contact We will then assist you as soon as possible.